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Gingerbread Houses

Christmas would not be complete without one of our magnificently hand decorated Gingerbread Houses at your Christmas lunch and dinner. Make your table the envy of your family and friends with our beautiful freshly baked Gingerbread Houses. We choose only the very freshest lollies, sweets and chocolates to produce the very finest quality Gingerbread House for you and your family to enjoy. As with all our gingerbread products you will not be able to resist our unique flavour and stunning design.100% hand made and designed in Australia with only the finest and freshest Australian products.
As a gift to your staff, family and friends or just to keep for yourself our premium Gingerbread Houses offer amazing value for money at the highest quality. Our houses are presented in premium packaging with a special gift tag to personalize your gift.



Daycone Pty Ltd trading as The Great Australian Gingerbread Company
ABN 164 041 924 29